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Car Wheel Repairs in Waldorf, MD

While many local and regional businesses offer wheel repair and restoration services as detailing options, few are truly hands-on. Of the few that actually perform the work themselves, most rely on mobile equipment that can frequently stretch or oblong a wheel in the process of bend removal. Instead, trust in the accurate, stationery, in-house equipment used by the experts at Nationwide Wheel Repair.

Our professionals are the leading source of car wheel repairs in Waldorf, Maryland. Unlike other companies, we do everything possible to maintain the integrity of the wheel during a repair and restoration. As a result, you can count on us to give you restored and refinished wheels that are straighter, rounder, and safer for your vehicle and your passengers. From minor refinishing to complete bend repair, the experienced wheel smiths at our shop are sure to have you riding in perfect style again quickly and affordably. Some mobile repair operations promise "balanceable trueness," which is the act of restoring a wheel to make it round enough to be balanced using counter weights. Our crew can restore bent or out-of-round rims to within 1/100 of an inch—a truly round wheel.

Car Wheel Repairs in Waldorf, MD

Full-Service Car and Truck Rim Repairs

When you are in need of auto wheel repairs, look no further than the professionals at our shop. Whether you need a simple refurbishment or a complete overhaul of your wheels, we have the skill and knowledge needed to perform every facet of wheel repair, including: 

• Wheel Truing
• Machine Lathing
• Bent Wheel Repairs
• Cracked Wheel Repairs
• Load Balancing
• Clear Coating
• Curb Damage Repairs
• Custom Wheel Painting
• Tire Remounting
• Corrosion Repairs
• Alloy Wheel Repairs
• Touchless Tire Mounting

Why Should I Fix My Wheels?

Depending on the specific make and model, every car's rims have specific settings on the camber angle in order to maximize stability and handling when turning around a corner. Replacing these rims with new ones instead of repairing them may change the settings and affect the stability of your vehicle. For this reason, our specialists recommend investing in a car wheel repair to maintain the integrity of your automobile. Additionally, changing your rims may require you to change your tires as well, resulting in further expense.

Contact us today to request a free estimate for a car wheel repair. We proudly serve Waldorf, La Plata, Lexington Park, Fort Washington, and Bowie, Maryland.

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